"Surely something this gorgeous doesn’t exist in the real world — but it does."


If you're in Dubrovnik, and looking for that perfect spot to take pictures with your loved one, I have the answer for you. This blog post will show you the most amazing spots in Dubrovnik old town - but also give you some tips on how to find them! These 5 locations for your couple session are all walking distance.

While Dubrovnik's ancient Old Town is only 2 square kilometers in area, it contains enough beauty and history to fill a thousand galleries and travel blogs. So, where should you go if you want amazing pictures in Croatia's not-so-hidden gem?

No. 1 West Harbour Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik West Harbour is a great place to watch the sunrise or the sunset and enjoy the view of Dubrovnik Old Town. It's also a very convenient spot to start your session since it's usually not as crowded as Stradun. It's popular with locals, who come here on weekends to relax while they sip Croatian wine or beer. The harbour offers amazing views over the old town, so it's definitely worth walking around here looking for your perfect photo spot! Btw. do you recognize this location from Game of Thrones?

No. 2 Rector's Palace Dubrovnik

Head over to Rector's Palace Dubrovnik and take some pictures at the gates of the City walls and Stradun on the way. Rector's palace serves as an exhibition space that showcases exhibits on Croatian art history and culture. It's beautiful from the outside as it is on the inside. We managed to come in for a few minutes without purchasing a ticket. Next to Rector's Palace is Sponza Palace, but it was not open to visitors due to a private event.

No. 3 Dominican Monastery Dubrovnik

The Dominican Monastery Dubrovnik is a beautiful spot, with a nice view of the city. The church is beautiful, with a great atmosphere. The monastery is very peaceful, and has a nice garden. Located in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town this location is walking distance from our previous photo spot.

Quick tip before leaving the Dominican Monastery

Just outside the walls of the Dominican Monastery you will find amazing round steps which are also a very popular spot for taking nice photos.

No. 4 The Gates of the Sea, "Ploce" Dubrovnik

The Gates of the Sea, also known as "Ploče", is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular tourist attraction. This location is on the beach and has great views of the Adriatic Sea. The history of Ploče goes back to ancient times, when it was used as an important port for ships traveling through this part of the world.

No. 5 Last but not least...

Just outside the ancient City Walls there's a nice spot at the rocky beach which will give you an amazing view of Dubrovnik. It's located right before Beach Banje, but here's a Google maps link so it's easier for you to find: CLICK HERE

With so many amazing locations in Dubrovnik Old Town, it can be hard to choose just one. I hope this blog post will help you plan your couple photography session in beautiful Dubrovnik.

Getting married in Dubrovnik?

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