I am highly aware of how easy it is to get lost in the wedding planning process – the thrill of it all is simply unmatched! Like most people, we always strive to take care of the big things first: whether everything’s fine with the venue and the decorations are set up in their rightful place, or whether the wedding photography will turn out in the way you have always dreamed about.

However, due to the importance and complexity of these matters, it’s really easy to overlook the simple things! Even if they are quite minimal, they can make a huge difference whenever the big day comes knocking! For that reason, I have created a wedding checklist featuring a few tips for your convenience to ensure that you have everything ready before the festivities begin.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Easier said than done, right? Although the butterflies in your tummy may have a party before the big day, try your best to get a good night’s sleep. Not only will you feel ready for the splendour that’s coming your way, but you’ll also look gorgeous during your wedding photography session! After all, nothing comes close to the beauty of a well-rested face.

Have a Hearty Breakfast and Stay Hydrated

Don’t skip out on meals, even if it’s your wedding day! A good breakfast will clear some of those pre-wedding jitters, and you will feel really good once you’re done. It would be a good idea to pack some protein bars as well for a quick boost of energy! Furthermore, it’s important to stay hydrated at all times - those happy tears need to come from somewhere!

Steam Your Wedding Attire

Your attire needs to be perfectly crisp for the day of your celebration. With that said, make sure to check steaming off your wedding checklist! Additionally, you can take them out of your garment bags and ensure they are ready to wear. While these tasks may seem minimal, they definitely save a lot of time, which leaves more opportunities for taking pictures!

Gather The Goods For Your Photographer

Normally, you want your wedding photography session to turn out flawless, so it’s important to take notice of all intrinsic details that will make you look stunning. Primarily, you want your dress, veil, headpiece, shoes, jewellery, and engagement and wedding rings to be present at all times. You can lay them out for your wedding photographer so they can take detailed shots of the things that make your event uniquely yours. Furthermore, you should also take your stationary, invitations, and other wedding details to be captured as well. While you focus on getting ready for the big day, your photographer will ensure that all of them mesh perfectly to create true works of art!

Clear The Setting

Be aware that most of the time, the camera will be peering into you, and you simply have no time to clear up your space to make it look pretty! Any clutter can appear very easily in your wedding photos, so I suggest keeping your getting-ready room clean. I understand this might be challenging since there will be stuff all over the place; however, you should assign someone from your party to help you out. In addition, you should try to keep your luggage and suitcases in a separate room because you don’t want them to take up space. Finally, try to keep the area by the windows crystal clean since most photographers – including myself – will ask you to stand by them to take some gorgeous photos under natural lighting.

Coordinate With Your Florist

Coordination with your florist should be high up on your wedding checklist! Since all of your flowers are going to be fresh, you want them to be in their best form for wedding photography. The best way to do that is by taking pictures with them as soon as they arrive! Additionally, the moment that you hand out bouquets for all of your bridesmaids, or while the gents are having their boutonnieres put on can be excellent occasions for some incredibly heartwarming photos! Not only will they elevate your look to a whole new level, but they can also be the best props. Moreover, ask your photographer to take some detailed shots of your flowers as well. Their alluring appeal should be commemorated for years to come!

Coordinate A Gift Exchange

Although it may be difficult, try to unwrap your presents once your wedding photographer arrives. Personally, I love it when my clients open their gifts in front of me since their reaction is so genuine, and emotions such as these don’t come around too often! What’s best – you can always look back on these sweet memories with the fondest smile since they’ll be captured forever!

Ceremony and Reception Tips

The last entries to your wedding checklist are all related to the main events of your big day. Mainly, when it’s time for your marriage ceremony, don’t speed down the aisle. Instead, strut it down slowly, savour every moment, and allow your guests to revel in your radiance. After your “I do’s” are out of the way and you need to exchange your rings, don’t cover them. On the contrary, show them off as much as possible! Finally, the first kiss should last for a couple of seconds, so there’s time for your wedding photographer to capture some truly mesmerising images. Don’t forget the big kiss in the middle of the aisle while you’re walking back - that one usually results in breathtaking photos.

Relax and have fun!

On the other hand, when the wedding reception is happening, forget that you’re constantly in the focus of the camera lens. Don’t try to look for your wedding photographer – they’ll know where you are at any moment! Let your hair down and mingle with all those who are dearest to your heart.

By following this wedding checklist, you’re well on your way to having a stress-free experience! I hope that you will find it highly useful! If you require wedding photography services for your destination wedding, feel free to send an inquiry.